Top Universities in Aichi


What are Aichi’s most well-known universities? Topuniversitieslist attempts to address this issue by releasing the Aichi University Ranking for 2022, which includes 47 accredited Aichi higher-education institutions that fulfill the Topuniversitieslist selection criteria:

  • being chartered, registered, or certified by the relevant Japanese higher education-related institution, and providing at least four-year undergraduate degrees (bachelor degrees) or postgraduate degrees (master or doctoral degrees) in a conventional, face-to-face, non-distance education style.

Our goal is to create a non-academic League Table of the top Aichi Universities that is focused on accurate, impartial, and non-influenceable site metrics generated by objective web intelligence outlets rather than data provided by the universities themselves.

Aichi University ranking is included in every year world ranking. Each university is licensed and officially recognized by the state. The new technologies in the universities here meet modern standards, and students can easily apply theoretical and practical skills. Every theoretical knowledge learned is very important. Because these knowledge and skills help young students in the projects they prepare. Aichi University ranking is selected every year based on the quality and quantity of teaching in universities. The purpose of the universities located here is to contribute to the development of knowledge and skills and cognitive skills in society. Also, the acceptance rate to these universities is increasing every year. Cultural and historical heritage is always preserved in these universities.Universities have freedom in the preparation and implementation of curricula, in the conduct of scientific work, and in the awarding of academic degrees (diploma and doctoral degrees). Students can also use the library, sports facilities, study abroad and exchange programs, and online courses. Students can join programs of their choice. Students from all over the world can apply to these universities. If you want to get more information, you can see at Topuniversitieslist.

2022 Aichi University Ranking

University Town
Aichi Gakusen University Aichi Un Un
Nagoya University Aichi 392 7
Nagoya Institute of Technology Aichi 1632 59
Nanzan University Aichi 1723 63
Toyohashi University of Technology Aichi 1920 78
Chubu University Aichi 2182 92
Nagoya City University Aichi 2192 93
Fujita Health University Aichi 2198 94
Meijo University Aichi 2299 101
Chukyo University Aichi 2481 109
Aichi University Aichi 2793 132
Nihon Fukushi University Aichi 3272 164
Aichi University of Education Aichi 3334 171
Nagoya University of Commerce and Business Administration Aichi 3604 192
Aichi Medical University Aichi 3998 228
Aichi Prefectural University Aichi 4145 244
Aichi Shukutoku University Aichi 4298 259
Aichi Gakuin University Aichi 4338 263
Sugiyama Jogakuen University Aichi 4357 268
Kinjo Gakuin University Aichi 4592 285
Aichi Institute of Technology Aichi 5168 340
Nagoya University of Foreign Studies Aichi 5285 348
Tokai Gakuen University Aichi 5343 360
Nagoya University of Arts Aichi 5547 383
Daido University Aichi 5564 386
Nagoya Gakuin University Aichi 5568 387
Toyota Technological Institute Aichi 5681 400
Nagoya Women’s University Aichi 6160 457
Doho University Aichi 6236 465
Aichi Sangyo University Aichi 6267 472
Nagoya University of Arts and Sciences Aichi 6463 489
Nagoya Bunri University Aichi 6558 502
Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music Aichi 6587 506
Toyohashi Sozo University Aichi 6650 513
Nagoya Zokei University of Art and Design Aichi 6721 522
Aichi University of Technology Aichi 6863 536
Shigakkan University Aichi 7226 579
Aichi Toho University Aichi 7244 584
Seijoh University Aichi 7252 585
University of Human Environments Aichi 7361 597
Nagoya Keizai University Aichi 7446 602
Nagoya Sangyo University Aichi 7460 604
Nagoya College of Music Aichi 7598 620
Aichi Bunkyo University Aichi 7631 625
Ohkagakuen University Aichi 7778 634
Japanese Red Cross Toyota College of Nursing Aichi 8221 664
Aichi Mizuho College Aichi 9819 700