Top Universities in La Paz


In which cities in La Paz are people going to be looking to expand their knowledge and exposure to different types of cultural, medical, and sports events? La Paz University meets the requirements of the selection parameters of this company’s higher education ranking, which are comprised of a large numbers of colleges, by being in the top percentile in 2022:

  • often through face-to-to-face, non-based teaching methods

We want to provide an up-to-to-date La Paz University-linked table of non-biased,influential, and objective web analytics so that our audience can judge the quality and nature of the data presented to them by unconnected third parties rather than the claims made by the institutions themselves.

2022 La Paz University Ranking

University Town
La Universidad para la Investigación Estratégica en Bolivia La Paz Un Un
Universidad Mayor de San Andrés La Paz 2427 2
Universidad Catolica Boliviana La Paz 2809 3
Universidad Privada Franz Tamayo La Paz 6342 12
Escuela Militar de Ingeniera La Paz 7610 16
Universidad Salesiana de Bolivia La Paz 8434 19
Universidad Loyola La Paz 9283 22
Universidad Tecnológica Boliviana La Paz 9726 24
Universidad Nuestra Seora de La Paz La Paz 10198 28
Universidad San Francisco de Ass La Paz 10296 30
Universidad La Salle, Bolivia La Paz 10489 31
Universidad Real La Paz 10985 34
Universidad de los Andes, Bolivia La Paz 11424 35
Universidad Pblica de El Alto La Paz 11715 38
Universidad de la Cordillera La Paz 12125 43
Universidad Unión Bolivariana La Paz 12424 45