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2022 Ranking of Pakistan Universities

What are Pakistan’s most well-known universities? Topuniversitieslist has published the 2022 Pakistani University Ranking, which includes 177 Pakistani higher-education institutions that fulfill the Topuniversitieslist selection criteria:

  • offering at least four-year undergraduate degrees (bachelor degrees) or postgraduate degrees (master or doctoral degrees) delivered primarily in a conventional, face-to-face, non-distance education format and being chartered, certified, or approved by the relevant Pakistani higher education-related institution

The Topuniversitieslist League Table and University Ranking of 177 Universities in Pakistan are available to see. Each of these universities has an ancient history and the universities maintain their ancient heritage. Various scientific programs are offered to students in the universities located here. Pakistan University ranking is one of the famous universities. Pakistan University ranking is included in the world ranking every year. This university is famous universities. The university is officially recognized by the state. Students are satisfied with the variety of courses and programs offered. Development-oriented educational programs have always been the center of attention. International academic relations and domestic cooperation are also being developed. It is organized in the works on the organization of scientific activity and innovations, the organization and management of education. New faculties are created every year as the scientific and pedagogical activity develops. The purpose of the offered courses and programs is to educate students with modern teaching methods and prepare them for the future.These courses further enhance students’ academic skills. The process of training staff through modern training technologies is organized through short-term training. The universities located here help to further develop the knowledge and skills of students by applying various teaching methods. The main goal is to educate young people with knowledge and high cognitive skills in society. The acceptance rate of these universities is between 80-90 percent. A high acceptance rate makes these universities a selective higher education institution.Students can also use the library, sports facilities, study abroad and exchange programs, and online courses. Students can join programs of their choice. Applicants from all around the world are welcome to apply. These universities offer various courses for international students. If you want to get more detailed information, you can see at Topuniversitieslist.

2022 Sub-rankings by provinces and territories

Pakistan is divided into four regions and two autonomous regions. It is also divided into a federal territory, each of which is further divided into divisions.The capital and second largest city, Lahore, the Punjab provinces of Sindh (Karachi) and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have institutions of higher education that meet the Topuniversitieslist selection criteria (Peshawar). Both provinces with at least two Pakistani higher education institutions matching the Topuniversitieslist placement criterion are included in the following Topuniversitieslist sub-rankings or league tables.

Azad Kashmir (6)
Balochistan (9)
Gilgit-Baltistan (2)
Islamabad CT (19)
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (33)
Sindh (51)