Top Universities in Chisinau


Chisinau is an is frequently mentioned in international education circles as one of the best in the world for business studies In order to find out the higher education institutions fulfill the Topuniversity Selection Criteria’s requirements, Topuniversities performs a university ranking in Chisinau, named after the city’s river, of the Chisinau’s students and graduates:

  • having its primary focus on learning outcomes distributed through primarily classroom, face-on-to-face instruction (but through technology if feasible), serving mostly students seeking to acquire bachelor’s or master’s degrees or post-graduate degrees, predominantly conventional (but enabling technology if a medium of delivery is required)

instead of external, non-biased, impartial, and unregulated measures of Chisinau university site resources use the criteria we use to rank these universities according to our main purpose is to the Table of accurate, neutral, and unregulated methods rather than those given by the universities.

2021 Chisinau University Ranking