Top Universities in Lima


What are Lima’s most well-known universities? Topuniversitieslist attempts to address this issue by releasing the Lima University Ranking for 2022, which includes 53 accredited Lima higher-education institutions that fulfill the Topuniversitieslist selection criteria:

  • being chartered, registered, or certified by the relevant Peruvian higher education-related body, and providing at least four-year undergraduate degrees (bachelor degrees) or postgraduate degrees (master or doctoral degrees) in a conventional, face-to-face, non-distance education style.

Our goal is to create a non-academic League Table of Lima’s best universities that is focused on accurate, impartial, and non-influenceable site metrics generated by objective web intelligence outlets rather than data submitted by the universities themselves.

University of Lima ranking has name in the world ranking. Teaching students with different methods increases their interest in the lesson. Universities have freedom in the preparation and implementation of curricula, in the conduct of scientific work, and in the awarding of academic degrees (diploma and doctoral degrees). Teaching students knowledge in innovative ways is an important factor. Students participating in the organized projects and conferences are invited to various programs by the university in the future. One of the main goals of the university is to become a university that meets international standards, has innovative, highly qualified personnel, and has the status of an international university. Also, students’ cognitive skills are developed. Students are formed in such habits as establishing business relationships, defining professional relationships, taking an individual approach, creating a good environment, solving problems with understanding, informing, listening, introducing oneself, writing letters, questionnaires, applications, asking questions, conducting discussions. University of Lima ranking is a very famous university in the world. Students can also use the library, sports facilities, study abroad and exchange programs, and online courses. It is available in many libraries in the universities located here.Students from all over the world apply to the universities here. If you want to get more detailed information, you can see at Topuniversitieslist.

2022 Lima University Ranking

University Town
Universidad Autónoma Municipal de Los Olivos Lima Un Un
Universidad Nacional Tecnológica de San Juan de Lurigancho Lima Un Un
Pontificia Universidad Católica del Per Lima 506 1
Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas Lima 472 2
Universidad Tecnológica del Peru Lima 647 3
Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos Lima 688 4
Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería Lima 1553 6
Universidad del Pacifico Lima 1668 8
Universidad de San Martn de Porres Lima 2210 11
Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia Lima 2069 11
Universidad de Lima Lima 2099 12
Universidad de San Martín de Porres Lima 2383 14
Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina Lima 2491 15
Universidad Cientifica del Sur Lima 2497 16
Universidad Ricardo Palma Lima 2761 19
Universidad Nacional de Ingeniera Lima 3091 20
Universidad ESAN Lima 2861 21
Universidad Privada Norbert Wiener Lima 2889 22
Universidad Peruana Unión Lima 3298 26
Universidad Nacional Federico Villarreal Lima 4187 32
Universidad de Ingeniera y Tecnologa Lima 4268 33
Universidad Alas Peruanas Lima 4473 35
Universidad Inca Garcilaso de la Vega Lima 4972 41
Universidad Católica Sedes Sapientiae Lima 5013 42
Universidad Femenina del Sagrado Corazón Lima 5227 46
Universidad Nacional de Educación Enrique Guzmán y Valle Lima 5556 48
Universidad Nacional José Faustino Sánchez Carrión Lima 5786 50
Universidad Antonio Ruiz de Montoya Lima 6068 54
The Universidad de Ciencias y Artes de América Latina Lima 6400 56
Universidad de Ciencias y Humanidades Lima 6835 59
Universidad Privada San Juan Bautista Lima 6987 60
Universidad Marcelino Champagnat Lima 8125 70
Universidad Nacional Tecnológica de Lima Sur Lima 8202 72
Universidad Nacional de Caete Lima 9816 76
Universidad Nacional de Barranca Lima 8675 77
Universidad Mara Auxiliadora Lima 10277 80
Universidad Jaime Bausate y Meza Lima 9478 83
Universidad Peruana de las Américas Lima 9516 84
Universidad Autónoma del Per Lima 10993 90
Universidad Le Cordon Bleu Lima 10200 92
Universidad SISE Lima 11284 93
Universidad Privada TELESUP Lima 10396 94
Universidad Peruana de Ciencias e Informatica Lima 10428 95
Universidad Sergio Bernales Lima 11086 98
Universidad Privada Peruano Alemana Lima 11121 100
Universidad Arzobispo Loayza Lima 11435 101
Universidad Interamericana para el Desarrollo, Peru Lima 11865 105
Universidad Peruana de Investigación y Negocios Lima 12099 107
Universidad Peruana Simón Bolivar Lima 12258 113
Universidad Santo Domingo de Guzmán Lima 12614 121
Universidad Peruana de Integración Global Lima 12706 122
Universidad San Andrés Lima 12934 128
Universidad Privada Juan Pablo II Lima 13080 130
Universidad Peruana de Arte Orval Lima 13457 132