Top Universities in Northern Cyprus


Which universities in Northern Cyprus are the most popular? Topuniversitieslist has published the 2021 Northern Cyprus University Ranking, which includes 18 recognised Northern Cyprus higher-education institutions that fulfill the Topuniversitieslist selection criteria:

  • being chartered, registered, or certified by the relevant Cypriot higher education-related body, and providing at least four-year undergraduate degrees (bachelor degrees) or postgraduate degrees (master or doctoral degrees) in a conventional, face-to-face, non-distance education style.

Our goal is to create a non-academic League Table of Northern Cyprus’ top universities that is focused on valid, impartial, and non-influenceable site metrics generated by objective web intelligence sources rather than data provided by the universities themselves.

2021 Northern Cyprus University Ranking

University Town
Dogu Akdeniz Üniversitesi Northern Cyprus 1847 2
Uluslararasi Kibris Üniversitesi Northern Cyprus 2979 4
Yakin Dogu Üniversitesi (Near East University) Northern Cyprus 3296 5
Girne American University Northern Cyprus 4712 8
Orta Dogu Teknik Universitesi Kuzey Kibris Kampusu Northern Cyprus 5392 9
European University of Lefke Northern Cyprus 5964 12
University of Kyrenia Northern Cyprus 7911 16
Final International University Northern Cyprus 9558 20
University of Mediterranean Karpasia Northern Cyprus 9812 21
Cyprus Science University Northern Cyprus 10167 25
Kibris Bati Üniversitesi Northern Cyprus 10483 27
Arkin University of Creative Arts and Design Northern Cyprus 10646 30
Cyprus Health and Social Sciences University Northern Cyprus 11167 31
American University of Cyprus Northern Cyprus 11214 33
University of City Island Northern Cyprus 11482 37
Rauf Denktas University Northern Cyprus 11548 39
Bahçesehir Cyprus University Northern Cyprus 11694 40
Cyprus University of the Fifteenth of November Northern Cyprus 12803 49