Top 50 Universities in Asia 2022

Logo University Country City CR WR
flag Tsinghua University flag China Beijg 1 43
flag The University of New South Wales flag Australia New South Wales 1 54
flag The University of Sydney flag Australia New South Wales 3 65
flag The University of Queensland flag Australia Queensland 5 76
flag The University of Tokyo flag Japan Tokyo 1 78
flag Kyoto University flag Japan Kyoto 2 125
flag National University of Singapore flag Singapore Singapore 1 130
flag King Saud University flag Saudi Arabia Riyadh 1 148
flag The University of Hong Kong flag Hong Kong Hong Kong 1 150
flag Peking University flag China Beijg 2 180
flag The University of Adelaide flag Australia South Australia 7 187
flag Keio University flag Japan Tokyo 3 201
flag The Chinese University of Hong Kong flag Hong Kong Hong Kong 2 210
flag National Taiwan University flag Taiwan Taipei 1 216
flag Tel Aviv University flag Israel Tel Aviv District 1 226
flag The University of Western Australia flag Australia Western Australia 8 237
flag Hebrew University of Jerusalem flag Israel Jerusalem District 2 238
flag Zhejiang University flag China Zhejiang 3 239
flag Shanghai Jiao Tong University flag China Shanghai 4 241
flag Queensland University of Technology flag Australia Queensland 10 253